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Christmas Atmosphere @Desalto Showroom

Desalto animates with new atmospheres. 

The current fitting of the showroom, always conceived by Maria Gabriella Zecca under Gordon Guillaumier's artistic direction, empathizes with the winter period and is inspired by the art of Christo with wrapped up landscapes.

From the ceiling, two big clouds descend  and whiten with snow every object underneath. The Helsinki bookcase, shown for the first time with a rust colour finish, equipped with containers and backs in oak veneered wood, is both a piece of furniture with clean and light lines, as well as a great architectural element that marks the spaces. 

The geometric rigorousness of the bookcases is accompanied by the soft shapes of the other pieces on display, both the classics and the novelties of  Desalto collection. 

The entire exhibition area, developed in 180 square meters on two levels, is surrounded by a contemporary, serene home spirit, where tables, chairs, bookcases interact in a dimension of pleasant and elegant realism, enhanced by plants, color and curious objects: that’s life!