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Desalto: Francesco Rota, a New Art Direction.

"Communicating not just a series of products, but an expression of being Desalto."

In Francesco Rota's project, the newly appointed artistic director of Desalto, emerges an exciting and ambitious perspective for the company's future. His challenge is clear: to bring Desalto back to its roots, but through a lens of experimentation and innovation that promises to distinguish the company in the competitive world of design.

What are the strengths that set Desalto apart from other companies?
The foundations of Desalto, such as the meticulous research of materials, craftsmanship, and finishes, which I intend to transform into distinctive elements that position the company uniquely.

What design values do you share with Desalto?
I share the company's desire to go beyond product creation, seeking to build, consolidate, and communicate a unique Desalto universe. A universe that will stand out not only for bold material use but also for unique and exclusive combinations, as well as for their intrinsic versatility and timelessness.

How will you merge the company's historical and visual identity with your direction?
My, our, new direction stems from the existing catalog, which becomes the starting point for infusing new life into the current products, revealing all their potential through a fresh and innovative approach. But it's not just about renewing the existing; we also want to create new pieces, giving life to a world of sensations and distinctive style, where customers and enthusiasts can immerse and instantly recognize themselves.

How does a project come to life and grow?
By first analyzing the catalog, defining what needs to be done. Let me explain further, Desalto has a strong history and experience in producing tables and chairs, so the catalog seems to focus solely on the "dining" area. Hence the need to respond, through new products, to requests for a more comprehensive collection, reaching other rooms of the house, the first one, for example, being the living room...

How would you define your vision of contemporary living?
A layering of objects. I see the home as a "container" of experiences. Built over time, dotted with necessary, functional, but also emotional objects, chosen with passion, found or encountered in travels, new and old together, coexisting in a reasoned balance. I struggle to understand how someone can have a "turnkey" home.

What is the element that can never be missing in any of your projects?
Personality. It's expressed through the use of a "new" material, design, color, character, or the right blend of these.