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Desalto @imm Cologne 2019

The Helsinki collection, designed by Caronni and Bonanomi more than twenty years ago, with its rigorous form, essential beauty, ease of inclusion in interiors and absolute practicality continues to epitomise the soul of the company.

Even today this project - truly evergreen - attracts the attention of visitors to the Cologne 2019 furniture fair, with its creative updated look, comprising new colours and finishes.

Helsinki is in fact the main element around which the layout of the stand is based, conceived and curated for this edition of the fair by Studio Calvi and Brambilla.

The bookcase, here shown in some new colours, is transformed from a simple product into a truly archi- tectural element that marks and defines the openings into the stand, immediately catching the eye.

Inside the exhibition space, too, Helsinki with its various modulations divides the areas - a common thre- ad that, without intruding, blends together the other pieces on display, simplifying overall interpretation and bringing out the essence of Desalto in its entirety.

Walking through the spaces, we are attracted by a refined play of images from the mirrors reflecting the decorative elements actually present. An evocative experience of reality and of its representation.