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Desalto @Salone internazionale del Mobile - Milan 2018

Events are occasions that allow us to reflect on what has happened in the recent past and how to proceed towards the next milestone. During the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the design world arrives on the scene full of ideas and concepts developed throughout the year which then break out in an opening dance that never stops. When the fair comes to an end, it’s time to reflect.
Desalto arrives at this year’s Salone having added new, significant chapters that illustrate the company’s clear path forward. A new showroom was inaugurated in Largo Augusto in Milan: a neutral, nuanced space for displaying the company’s classic pieces and new additions in a continually changing installation. In addition, this year, Gordon Guillaumier becomes the new art director, bringing a design philosophy that favours research and innovation, rather than a cautious, conservative approach. And in fact, new materials are arriving for creating projects that indicate a different narrative vein. It’s artistic in shape and archetypal in substance with wood and marble that will become planes and structural elements.

Desalto’s stand at the Salone del Mobile, envisioned and designed by Alessandra Dalloli, crystallizes this emotional, passionate phase that the company is going through, providing a moment of contemplation and a privileged view of what is happening.
The space is a completely grey box inside of which are display cases. There’s also a large, parallelepiped-shaped room enclosed in antique pink glass.Visitors are encouraged to wander through the exhibition that has a museum like feel, thanks in part to the delicate light that intensifies into concentrated bands which exalt , in addition to furnishings, the objects and artwork se- lected by Monti Studio. Also the graphics, depicted by Chiara Boselli, spread across the stand’s walls and become a narrative of the design journey. In a planning beau geste, every question about every aspect of living is answered. Thus, objects, furnishings, designers, words and art blend in an unique whole that we travel through, pausing for just quick snapshots that say it all: the Clay table, the meeting of a plane and cone in an equilibrium point; the Paper chair, a featherweight origami made of overlapping edges; and Myg, a stool that translates dynamics as it relates to statics. Every project tells the story of an intimate connection between Desalto, the designer and the object. It’s a clear, ongoing dialogue that fills the exhibition space with each one’s creative genius. And even when the Salone has ended and the stands have been dismantled, this dialogue will continue, another chapter dedicated to new, authentic true design.