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Desalto @theVeniceGlassWeek

Desalto arrives at the Venice Glass Week within the collective exhibition GLASS UTOPIA with the new table L45, designed by the talented designer Guglielmo Poletti.  

The exhibition, curated by the co-founders of the Mr. Lawrence studio - Annalisa Rosso and Francesco Mainardi - presents a selection of contemporary pieces  by some leading Italian and Australian artists and designers and tells about the new Renaissance of glass. A beautiful partnership between art and furniture that reveals the more cultured side of the company, a combination of creativity and artistic sensitivity that characterizes the two worlds in perfect contamination 

GLASS UTOPIA - Venice Issue
Venice Glass Week 2020

Date: September 3rd - 26th
Opening: September 10th Thursday
Location: Zattere al ponte Lungo, Dorsoduro, 1389, Zattere, Venezia