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Extending Tables

The table, representative of the meaning and values surrounding the term 'home', is undoubtedly the object that defines the surrounding environment, characterizing its style and conditioning the space. And it is precisely the table, in Desalto, that best expresses and tells the company's DNA, a DNA that speaks of technological research, functionality and beauty. And it is still a table, the Tender, that inaugurates the birth of the Desalto brand in 1990, when the small family business that worked metals decides to accept the challenge of the world of design by transforming itself into a dynamic reality and ambassador of the best Made in Italy. in the world. The relentless research of Desalto, fulcrum and beating heart of the company, has given life, over the years, to a very refined collection of extendable tables with the same common denominator: a more or less sophisticated extension mechanism enclosed in a slim and elegant silhouette.

Design is also stressing shapes, materials and technologies. A table that seems to forget its original function, exhibiting its legs at such a distance, almost forgetting it: showing itself suspended from the ground almost like a magic carpet.

Lightness and formal cleanliness are the hallmarks of this table whose simple and at the same time elegant line make it perfect for any domestic situation.

A refined dining table that becomes the protagonist in the environment that welcomes it: a rigorous project that speaks the language of lightness.

The mechanism, the result of exasperated technological research, allows the table to reach generous dimensions, and contains all the know-how of the company.

Historic project that paved the way for the creation of a family of highly topical extendable tables. Emblem of a timeless design, perfect combination of form, functionality and innovation.

Simple and essential, Every is a highly versatile project that makes it perfect in different environments and contexts.