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L45 Wins: Archiproducts Design Awards 2020

A few months after its entry on the market L45, the new table by Guglielmo Poletti for Desalto won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020 for the "concept and design". A great recognition that, thanks to a highly profiled international jury made up of 60 members belonging to the world of architecture, photography, fashion, art and communication, celebrates excellence in design.

The core aspects of the project are embodied in a single detail, around which all the work revolves: the joint between the leg and the table top, characterised by a contact reduced to an absolute minimum, based on the meeting of the respective vertices. Such construction is achieved through a precise structural gesture – the combination of two L-shaped profiles, which are cut at 45° to be joined at 90°, forming the table leg and the relative crosspiece. The latter, in its turn rotated 45° with respect to the flat surface above it, outlines a portion of emptiness that is associated with a subtraction of material. The resulting geometry creates the impression that the ends of the top precariously rest on four single points, suggesting a fragile perceptual balance.

The configuration of the angle varies according to the point of observation, thanks to the alternation of surfaces and edges, which interrupt the coplanar alignment between leg and top by intersecting with inclinations of 90° and 45°. The top, consisting of a basic parallelepiped, is the element that completes the whole structure, thanks to the interaction between the edges positioned in perfect correspondence. Lastly, the series of different planes defines a sequence of facets that, accentuated by the contrast between light and shadow, adds an additional layer to the dialogue between each element.

Tables and small tables collection with angular steel legs, 6 mm thickness, CNC-machined. Frame in angular steel wth 5 mm thickness, CNC-machined. Honeycomb top with solid wood, fenix or hand-spread concrete finishes.

120 x 80 cm - H.73
140 x 85 cm
180 x 90 cm
200 x 90 cm
240 x 100 cm
300 x 100 cm
180 x 180 cm
130 x 65 cm - H.25
110 x 110 cm

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