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News 2020

Desalto’s new products
research, balance and lightness inspired by design culture

Desalto’s collection is growing, partnering with already-established successful collaborations or new encounters with exciting prospects.

Gordon Guillaumier, as well as being company art director, showcases his design for an extendible table that blends aesthetic rigour with elegance. Thanks to a simple, easy to use mechanism, the table extends to provide four more places or simply to offer safer distancing.

Guglielmo Poletti’s established collaboration with Desalto continues, resulting in a family of tables and small tables where the geometry of construction becomes its identifying feature. He plays on a refined balance between top and structure, where technical detail is also aesthetic detail – a harmonious union of art and industrial design.

Making his debut at Desalto, Giacomo Moor, an emerging designer with a lot to say. His modular storage container is notable for lack of visual distraction and for the stacking of monolithic volumes that can be transformed into different types of furniture.

The whole design reveals strong materiality, blending wood and metal. All three new designs demonstrate the passion and attention with which Desalto continues and develops its way forward, integrating design culture, technology and production quality.

design Gordon Guillaumier

> L45
design Guglielmo Poletti

Giacomo Moor