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The Collector’s House: the new Desalto company showroom

Desalto has the same desire for experimentation and research as ever, continuing to propose its precise product idea, a perfect combination of aesthetics and function.

The company has always been inclined to adopt a range of different and innovative expressive codes, and now this penchant is confirmed in the original staging of the company showroom, curated by Gordon Guillaumier, art director of the brand.

Design and art are the key players throughout the exhibition space, articulated in two distinct areas, and today conceived, in a first part, as the house of a collector, where furniture and works of art coexist, connect, and create a rich and unique aesthetic dialogue.

The project brings together works by artists of different generations, selected by Chiara Rusconi, founder of the renowned and prestigious contemporary art gallery “A Palazzo Gallery” in Brescia.

Drawings, pictorial tapestries, ceramics, paintings and digital embroidery mingle with the numerous pieces from the rich and varied Desalto collection.

Alongside, a more essential space houses instead the latest new items, designed and produced in 2020. Fourmore table, designed by Gordon Guillaumier, perfectly balances formal rigour with technical functionality. The Stac system of modular cabinets designed by Giacomo Moor features light lines with a strong structural aesthetic. In the L45 family of tables designed by Guglielmo Poletti, the constructional geometry is the key feature. These different ways of interpreting the concept of furniture all share the brand philosophy based on solid designs, clean lines, excellent technical performance and intrinsic quality.

Visitors to the Desalto showroom will experience the intriguing relationship between works of art and everyday objects, brought to life when the two disciplines – art and design – meet and interact, both emanating the same deep sense of intense harmony and beauty.

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