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Stefan Schöning

After graduating in Product Development in Antwerp, Stefan Schöning founded his multidisciplinary studio in 1994.
“Diversity feeds creativity”: it's starting from this concept that Stefan Schoening has been developing his identity, Stefan Schöning has worked in a lot of
different fields with a variety of products and materials. toys, lighting, furniture, consumer products, public
design, all of these fields require a different approach and gather knowledge which is exchangeable.
This approach led to creating designs which go further than standard production. Every design case can
lead to applying new technologies and materials in order to sharpen the appearance of design identity.
Elimination is an important guide during this design process: ”‘If you draw a line, it has to replace all other
redundant lines. It has to be that line, with all its characteristics. this is absolutely necessary to keep the
world free from cotamination and excess.’

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