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Our welcoming headquarters,
sustainable production
centre and showroom.

The Cantù headquarters covers an area of 11,000 square meters: a contemporary, large and bright structure - which brings together production departments and offices - in which sixty people work. From research and development to production and sales, all in one dynamic and flexible location. A welcoming space that also houses the company showroom with its high-impact display.

Processing and technologies
The production chain all takes place in the Desalto plant, guaranteeing quality and control on processes and products. Careful and meticulous processes are skilfully carried out by specialised workers. Metal and its processing are the heart of production, where craftsmanship and high technological content are at the service of design. Pride and joy of the company is its workshop, where internal systems carry out coating and galvanic treatments.
Materials and quality
The choice of materials used and their many possible finishes are perfectly aligned with corporate strategy, devoted to excellence and attentive to the needs of top- level domestic and contract projects:
from traditional materials such as glass, metal and wood, to the more innovative textured spatula and porcelain stone finishes.
for the world of design
For Desalto the value of craftsmanship is absolute and fundamental. It is one of the elements underlying the success of Italian products at an international level and, combined with industrial skills, allows the creation of unique furniture products for the most refined living spaces.
Made in Italy
made in brianza
Desalto’s products and industrial experience are examples of the best Italy can offer to the world. Production know-how, research and development, accurate design of products, quality of materials, very high standards of construction, attention to market needs, high problem-solving skills and great passion. A model that applies the right combination of capacity and innovation.
Vision and
Sustainability is part of the very idea of good design. A company that is attentive to the quality and longevity of its products - the primary contribution to sustainability - carries within itself the values of a responsible approach to the environment. For a long time, Desalto has been committed to making sensitive choices, to make the entire production process eco- sustainable. Such as the plant’s photovoltaic system, which produces a quantity of energy entirely covering corporate requirements: a virtuous green circle that positions Desalto among those industries most committed to sustainable practices.