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Two large glass windows reveal the heart of this building on Largo Augusto in Milan, expressing the spirit that runs through the Company’s design philosophy. In collaboration with Misura Arredamenti, an esteemed label with more than 40 years of experience in high-end design retailing, the space is conceived as a neutral, nuanced location, where the white colour and concrete define the planes and surfaces on which the furnishings create well-defined shadows, and sections that make up the unique display units.

in harmony
with the
For the new season, the showroom lights up with new colour vibrations, thanks to the intervention of Gabriella Zecca,  curator of the new exhibition, who selected particular colours, in harmony with the autumn suggestions, favouring warm and earthy tones, anticipated by important glass stickers on the two large windows: a kind of warm welcome and invitation to enter .
a domestic
The space, on the street level, is marked by the clean lines of the Helsinki bookcase, alternating with the shapes of the other exhibited products. On the walls, canvas by the Italian painter Aurelio Sartorio  satisfy visitors’ aesthetic and artistic sensitivity.The whole area is surrounded by a domestic atmosphere, where tables, chairs and  bookcases interact in a dimension of pleasant and elegant realism, supported by plants, colours, art: that's life!
Showroom Milan
Showroom Desalto
Largo Augusto 8
20122 Milan
T: +02 841 47 579

MONDAY: from 3pm to 7pm
TUESDEY: from 10am to 1.30pm , from 2.30pm to7pm
WEDNESDAY: from 10am to 1.30pm , from 2.30pm to7pm
THURSDAY: from 10am to 1.30pm , from 2.30pm to7pm
FRIDAY:  from 10am to 1.30pm , from 2.30pm to7pm
SATURDAY: from 10am to 1.30pm , from 2.30pm to7pm
SUNDAY: closed