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A constantly evolving story:
here, people never stop.

For nearly 30 years, Desalto has spread worldwide an idea of an aesthetically sophisticated product based on constant technical and technological research focused on greater functionality. Thirty years of activity make Desalto a young but also time-honoured brand. Of both dimensions Desalto is titled.

A young spirit capable of combining iconic seating and complements, like graphic signs sketched in the air, with tables as adaptable as everyday life is. But also a story which began in 1990 when the four Orsenigo brothers – the heirs of a metalworking family company – envisaged a firm that would be more in step with the times and, from the very beginning, called on the cooperation of established or up-and- coming designers.

Different visions which engage with the same corporate philosophy that is continually updated through fundamental values of harmony, expressive elegance, clean designs and originality. 

Made by us: the essence
of Italian craftsmanship.
Excellent quality and production capacity are just two of Desalto's distinguishing characteristics which have made it one of the Italian companies considered ambassadors of Italian design throughout the world.

Desalto perfectly embodies some central values of the Made in Italy brand: a family of entrepreneurs and an area that represents, in the design scene, an unrepeatable system, from the idea to the market, and that maintains the product quality as a must.

Each design features the essence of the craftsmanship typical of our country, and especially of the Brianza area. Desalto boasts an in-house and external production chain that is quality-controlled at every stage to ensure long- lasting value and beauty. 
The versatility
of bespoke products.
Desalto's continuous technological research and sophisticated design style create customisable furnishings. Solutions with made-to-measure nishes, colours and sizes are developed from standard catalogue products while maintaining the excellence which distinguishes each item.

Production flexibility offers the emotive experience of a tailor-made product designed to meet the needs of a sophisticated, discerning clientele who wants to create a personal look in their home. Every single object becomes in this way emblem of creative flexibility and qualitative excellence. 
Excellence is the interaction
between innovation and tradition.
In Desalto, commitment to technical and functional research is continuous, rare lymph that inserts in the creative flow to reach an always news design.
A deep design culture and an inexhaustible curiosity for technologies and innovative materials combine in Desalto with extreme expertise in high-tech machining, acquired and refined over time thanks to the Italian craftsmanship.
And finally, an accurate control of all stages of the project's realization, from prototype development to engineering, make Desalto today one of the world's leading high-end furniture companies.

Know how to produce
by respecting the nature of tomorrow.
In Desalto, the concept of quality declines in ethical values ​​such as beauty, harmony and eco-sustainability. An eco-sustainable design that becomes a philosophy of living based on greater attention to the environment, which transforms itself into business ethics.
Design, like any other projecting and production activities, can be carried out in the respect of the environment and health to ensure the best quality of life for future generations.

And Desalto, always attentive to environmental sustainability within the manufacturing process, boasts an exemplary water cycle of the galvanic plant, which is used, recycled and finally purified in compliance with the most strict regulations. In addition, an innovative photovoltaic plant, consisting of 1730 solar panels, has been active since 2011, whose energy covers the entire company's needs, activating a virtuous circle that positions Desalto among the most attentive and committed entities to sustainable practices.