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corners of quiet
and relaxation
invite us to sit down

An open space where wings suspended from the ground cut out regular spaces, where we find some of the best settings of the Desalto collection.

bring a new
full of poetry.
It is a combination of floating elements that gives lightness to the useful parts and a balance between structure and comfort.
The circle
it's the perfect shape
without beginning or end.
The shape is that of the Frangipani flower with the same petals that go around the corolla. The path develops following the round and turning you can discover one by one the petals that welcome all the products.
profound sense
of intense harmony
and beauty.
Grasping the spirit of relationship between works of art and everyday objects is the intriguing experience that can be experienced by those who visit the Desalto showroom, prompted by the encounter and interaction between two different disciplines, art and design precisely, which know how to release a common, profound sense of intense harmony and beauty.