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Desalto - The Blue Chapter

Desalto chooses the dynamism of blue to tell its story: an immersive and all-encompassing experience that heralds a future full of innovations and changes.

A strong and high-impact stage presence testifying to a journey that sees Desalto, under the new art direction of Francesco Rota, embark on a journey that will lead it to review and strengthen its identity and product proposal.

To communicate this particular moment, blue was chosen, a color that recalls the reflections of metal, the main material of the company's production and processing, the essence of her DNA. A decisive, strong and intense message but at the same time also an invitation to calm, all values that blue brings with it. That reflective approach that Desalto has decided to adopt today to imagine and design the path for the coming years, in deliberate antithesis to the frenzy, albeit seductive, that characterizes our times and dominates our lives, obscuring the sublime beauty of creative thought.

News 2023

> Maxi Clay - Marc Krusin

> Micro Clay - Marc Krusin

> Heb - Francesco Rota

> Fan - Piero Lissoni

> Koki Wire Corda - Pocci + Dondoli