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Koki Wire - Corda

Pocci + Dondoli

An unprecedented version of Koki Wire whose character is accentuated by the contrast between the woven rope finish - the protagonist of the seat - and the metal structure. Light, essential and versatile, it fits harmoniously into indoor and outdoor, private and public spaces.


The manually woven rope is the protagonist of the seat, while the steel rod structure draws an essential profile in which aesthetics do not exclude comfort.


The drawn steel used in a size reduced to the maximum, creates an ethereal body with a solid geometry and a decisive and sinuous graphic sign.

Available models

Supporting structure with sled base and back in steel rod, woven with high tenacity polyester rope, 100% recyclable, capable of guaranteeing high resistance to atmospheric agents, light fastness, abrasions with low elongation. Powder coated frame, suitable for outdoor use.


Koki Wire - Corda

width 55 cm
depth 52 cm
total height 78 cm
seat height 45 cm